Project Reflection

Project Planning:

For the planning of our project, my group and I used the project planning packet handed out to us in class. We utilized this packet by making a calendar for when we could complete things, we used it to designate roles to people in the group, set goals, and keep us on track. The packet was rather large, and we found it within our best interest not to complete every single on of the documents. Majority of the documents were completed, but not every single one was. I think it’s okay that not every page of the packet was completed, because it didn’t effect our final project at all. My group did a wonderful job of staying on task and organized throughout the planning period.


My group worked together throughout the semester to prepare for what we were going to do. We decided to do trash pick-up in local plymouth/canton parks and recreation areas. We found it more productive and split up the parks to one individual person. So although we did all work together, everyone went on their own to do clean up. This worked out best due to busy schedules and end of the year activities. We prepared by dividing the work up equally, and putting a person to a park. We also discussed what to look for in a park that is okay to throw away and things that should just be left alone. Preparation was the busiest stage in my opinion, due to the fact that it is the only thing leading up to actually executing the plan. Luckily, my group worked well together to prepare everyone in a timely manner. 


For my part, the project was a success. I visited the “Garden Park” in downtown plymouth to do some minor project. Although there wasn’t a lot of trash or clean up to do, I found that as a good thing. I looked at the minor trash pick up as a positive thing because it meant that other people are taking care of the park as well. It is important to ensure that our parks are clean for everyone who spends time there. Parks should be a safe and clean space for families to go to. Seeing that many little kids play in parks, its important to keep a clean environment so they don’t cause harm to themselves. I spent 45 minutes at the Garden Park cleaning up, and some of the picnic tables had been moved out of place, so I put them back to where they were suppose to be. While I was cleaning up, many families thanked me for what I was doing. 


If I could change anything about my project it would be the amount of time we spent talking about it, I am firm believer that you can talk about things as much as you want but, until you actually get out and do that thing, it won’t make a difference. I think more time could have been spent working rather than planning. Looking back on the project and the time spent on it, I am very happy with how it turned out. It felt great to have families thank me for what I was doing. I really enjoyed spending my last semester of high school working on a project to better the community. I have always loved being able to give back, and being able to work on giving back as a school project was an amazing opportunity. 

BE GREAT Training:

The group as a whole utilized BE GREAT methods to complete the project. I, myself, know for a fact that I used them during my project. Every aspect had to be implemented to complete the project. My group funcitoned great together. Everyone was very understanding of each other schedules, and we were able to come to a positive solution that benefited everyone in the group.