When I heard about the SJ5K project, I was very excited. I have always held the belief that the SJ5K is a very beneficial program, and works to help many families in need. Having the opportunity to work towards bettering my school community provided me with a very rewarding feeling. Although the SJ5K that is run through our school has received a lot of help, but I am a strong believer that one can never have enough help. We handled a small amount of the SJ5K, but overall we gave a huge effort to spread the word.

My role in the group was similar to the rest of my group members. We all split up the work in an equal manner and accomplished all the goals we set. We created a poster, and my contribution was writing the information on the poster because I had the neatest handwriting. The biggest thing I took into consideration while making our poster was that we needed to capture what our person that we were targeting liked. I wanted to be able to capture his likes on the poster, so that other people could relate to him.

This was a really great starter project for the class. This allowed myself and other students to get involved in something within our small community, and work to help others. This project was a fun and creative way to get involved in something bigger than ourselves.


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