Reflection: BE GREAT

When I look back on my project for Leadership class, I am proud of my idea but I know there are many things I would have done differently if given more time. Seeing that I am in this class agin for second semester, I will be allowed more time to execute this project in better ways.

What I would do different for next semester is do a better job of promoting and advertising our project. Rather than just doing a news interview I would like to do an interview or atlas be mentioned on the announcements. I believe we also could have used social media to our advantage by having every group member post about it.

We did not have enough time to talk to every third hour teacher and next semester I will make sure to speak to every single third hour teacher in Plymouth and get as many people to participate as I can.

As a leader I learned a lot from this project. I learned that being a leader requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do something to better something other than yourself. This was mentioned in Mike Smith’s presentation, and it really stuck with me. Everything that people did in our class for their projects was done to better something other than themselves. It was truly enlightening and empowering to see what a group of 30 high school kids can do if given a little bit of power.

With what was mentioned in my excerpt above, I would say the group utilized BE GREAT during the learning process a lot. Everyone took skills that we learned and applied it to the task at hand. BE GREAT taught me how to act as a leader, and this really showed during my project.


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