Poster Board Reflection 5/23/17

My groups idea for our poster board was very simple. We were assigned to work on the SJ5K board. It was completed through the ideas of class and simplicity. The purpose of the board was to say "Thank You" to those who participated in the SJ5K. We put a big thank you up, listed the … Continue reading Poster Board Reflection 5/23/17


True Colors 5/5/17

My primary color is Gold and my secondary color is Orange. This wasn't to surprising to me, but I don't agree with all of the personality traits that are linked to a Gold personality. When it comes to conflict within a group, I think I have a positive approach. I believe in solving conflicts as … Continue reading True Colors 5/5/17


SJ5K REFLECTION When I heard about the SJ5K project, I was very excited. I have always held the belief that the SJ5K is a very beneficial program, and works to help many families in need. Having the opportunity to work towards bettering my school community provided me with a very rewarding feeling. Although the SJ5K … Continue reading 4/29/2017